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Topher and Kerstin have created a very nice site to inspire people to transition to a zero-carbon lifestyle

Check it out… http://carbonbalancers.wordpress.com/

On that same note, we use Bonneville Environmental to buy our offsets, they seem to have a pretty robust system for making sure they are selling real offsets.

Another handy way to offset your CO2 is through your local power company. For example, in Utah, we can pay a bit extra on our power bill and then the power company buys wind and solar power instead of coal generated power for the amount of green energy that customers have paid for. To offset other CO2 emissions other than power usage, you can just buy extra power blocks beyond the amount you use for power. The outcome is less power bought as coal and more as wind and sun. This is a nice way to offset because it is a direct offset of CO2 emissions and is relatively local to one’s location. In Utah, the coal power comes from within the state and so has a direct impact on our air quality.  I’m not sure how this approach squares with the standard methods of offsetting emissions. Any ideas?


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