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File this under weird…

We were going to stay in one of the cabins at Zion National Park in southern Utah next weekend. We decided to camp since the cabins were obscenely expensive.

When I went to cancel the reservation I noticed that there were some odd options under “reason for cancellation.”

I’m sure glad the corporate folks they’ve sold the national parks too are looking out for me.

Is this menu some weird part of the effort to make everyone in the US more paranoid so we’ll support our idiot president?

I mean are there really so many people having to cancel there trip to Southern Utah because they’re being attacked by terrorists that it needs it’s own selection in the cancel menu — what happened to “other” as an option? I would think “too goddamn expensive” would come up as an option long before terrorism.

Not to mention, I doubt if there was a war going on I would be concerned with my canceling my vacation.


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